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Last year, we featured Lori Dungan’s story on how she managed to lose 40 pounds with the help of juicing, under the program called ‘Alpha Reset’. As a result, she achieved a dramatic change of outlook in life and was able to completely get rid of hypertension, depression, and anxiety. Her success is a result of a change of mindset, that we are truly in control of our health and that we can make a change in our lifestyles to have a better life. Moving forward, Lori committed herself to an active lifestyle, coupled with a healthy diet and juicing. 

This year, she took on another challenge – the Group Coaching 1.0. With the support that she gets from the community, as well as her infinite dedication to health, she lost another 21 pounds and felt empowered by the guidance that the program offers. Let’s look at the second fold of Lori’s testimony. 

When did you begin juicing?

I started Fitlife on October 7, 2013. I weighed 215 lbs and after 4 months lost 40 lbs. After this I managed to maintain my weight with continued clean eating and juicing. I battled for years with my weight,high blood pressure and cholesterol, depression and anxiety. I no longer take medications for either of these.
In July 2014 I took on Group Coaching 1.0 weighing at 176 lbs. and presently finishing up 2.0. My final weigh in was 155 lbs, losing 21 lbs more pounds and have reached my weight loss goals. This totals me at a 61 lb weight loss. It feels good to know that I can have the knowledge and know how to lose weight and stay healthy the correct way.

I look to use what I’ve learned to help others that seek guidance. Fitlife, all the coaches and the amazing people I have met thorough out my journey here have been such a blessing in helping keep me accountable. I have made lifelong friends and will be forever connected to each of them. I highly encourage anyone that’s looking to make a lifestyle change in their health to take advantage of this amazing program. You will definitely get the best support and guidance throughout. Thank you all I truly love each you!!!

20140721 (1)What about the program was the most impactful in getting your results?

The accountability from the other group members. It really helped to keep me on track and to feel I wasn’t alone in my journey. I loved the connection I had with others and how I could experience it with others going through the same.

What lessons and/or education has been the most impactful?

The most impactful lessons Ive experienced was through the Vision board and the affirmations. The vision board is something that has opened me up to deeper level. Its forced me to go deep within myself and learn more about who I am and what I what out of my life. I found it interesting for me not to know who I was within until I did this. I am a seeker and giver of positive words.

I want to help others more than I do myself most of the time, BUT I have learned that in order to love others I have to love myself. This is where the affirmations come into helping me with. I spent my entire childhood and early adult life feeling negativity towards myself, but now with this and God I can do amazing things for myself and others at the same time.

What other benefits have you experienced?

My overall benefits from this experience has been finally having the feeling of purpose each day. What I mean is I finally woke each day to work at something Ive always felt defeated at all my life. This was because I didn’t know how to do it before. It’s given me more confidence in my abilities, overall physically, spiritually and mentally. Weight loss through this journey has came off so easy for me. I had days even weeks I felt defeated, but that too I was taught to be normal for the human body. Its okay to fail sometimes because failing makes us stronger.

Describe your experience with the exercise routine.

The exercise was very enjoyable because I was able to know that I didn’t have to over exert myself everyday to achieve my weight loss goals. Depending on the type eating schedule I had determined the amount of exercise I would need to do. It has been challenging at times but I never felt that if I couldn’t achieve it every time that I had to feel defeated. Just doing something out of my normal routine made me feel accomplished. Going above and beyond what was comfortable to me became easier to do.

After Weeks of Juicing

After Weeks of Juicing

Has your life outlook changed?

My life outlook has become more confident in my ability to maintain my weight. In the past I was always afraid of eating anything in fear of gaining it back. Though I always did, this created a constant food phobia. Today I know the proper ways of not just maintaining, but being able to create my own schedule to help with weight loss if I ever need it. It gives me a bit of relief to know that I don’t have to constantly be on the look out of what I put in my mouth. I now know, what to and what not to put in my body.

What words of encouragement would you give someone considering joining the coaching program?

Never in my life did I ever think I would be where I am today. I’m 40 yrs old and I feel today like the young person I should have been those 20 yrs ago. For anyone feeling like it will never happen for you, I beg you to stick it out. I’m an honest person when I say it won’t be easy, but it WILL get easier. You WILL have bad days, but you WILL have more better days. You WILL have critics, but you WILL have the positive support to prove them wrong.

Anyway, it’s not about anyone but YOU in this journey you are taking. I encourage anyone to give Group Coaching a try because for someone at the level I was at before beginning, I never thought I would make it here. You will be amazed at the outcome and most of all how amazing you will feel from doing it. Continue driving on and for that you WILL be the you you’ve always longed to be!!

Lori has an amazing dedication. In a year, she achieved her weight loss goals because of her passion to explore solutions, thinking that life can be a lot better with quality health. If Lori can do it at 40, you can definitely do it TOO!


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