Are You Getting Enough Magnesium? 15 Signs that You Need More in Your Life


drewssexybody (3)Do you know why you need magnesium?

This essential mineral is on your body’s list of “most important needs” that it uses to maintain a strong nerve and muscle function. Your body uses it for hundreds of different metabolic processes, and it’s needed for keeping a healthy immune function, maintaining normal heart rhythms, and developing strong bones.

It isn’t really a surprise that you should be getting a lot of it in your diet!

How Much Magnesium Should You Be Getting?

As with many dietary options, the amount that you should be getting every day varies depending on your gender and body weight. Men should ideally be getting 400-420mg every day, while women should go for 310-360mg (or 350-400mg if they’re pregnant).

The numbers for children have a bit more range, because of age differences. Young children should be getting anywhere from 80-150mg of magnesium from their diets, where as adolescents and young teenagers should aim for 200-240mg.

It isn’t uncommon for a lot of people to opt for magnesium supplements to make up for the lack of the mineral in their diets. A lot of the artificial, processed foods that you find in grocery stores generally lack the sufficient magnesium content to maintain a healthy body.

If you aren’t getting enough, any of these symptoms may be telling you that you need more:

  1. Fatigue and general feelings of exhaustion
  2. Lightheaded or dizzy feelings
  3. Difficulty swallowing foods
  4. Impaired memory and cognitive activity
  5. General feelings of confusion
  6. Heightened anxiety and stress
  7. High blood pressure
  8. Overall weakness in your body
  9. Body tremors
  10. Frequent or severe cramping in the muscles

The next set of symptoms are generally harder to notice at first:

11.  A deficiency of calcium
12.  Impaired heart health
13.  Type II diabetes may also be a sign of low magnesium intake
14.  Difficulty breathing & respiratory illness
15.  A deficiency of potassium

If you are dealing with any of these symptoms on a regular basis, you may not be getting enough magnesium in your diet. The deficiency can result in other, worse problems over time, so it’s important to make the correct dietary changes to get enough of it in your food intake.

What are some healthy sources of magnesium?

When people look for natural magnesium, a lot of them opt for varieties of seeds that have high mineral content. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, and cashews – all of these options are perfect choices for anybody trying to get more magnesium in their life.

If that isn’t enough, incorporating quinoa, potatoes, and black (or lima) beans into your diet will help you get an adequate supply of magnesium. More than that, most of these options also fill you up with a ton of other nutritional benefits (like vitamins, protein, and healthy fat) that contribute to bettering your overall health.

If none of those other options work for you, turning on your inner Popeye and wolfing down some spinach will definitely get the job done as well. You need a healthy supply of magnesium to develop and maintain a healthy body, so adjusting your diet accordingly will only help you out in the future.


Source: Healthy Holistic Living
Image Source: Livestrong

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