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Are you self-growth oriented? Somebody who wants to achieve a lot in this lifetime? A goal, a mission, a purpose, a desire? Along the process of growing, of achieving and fulfilling something, we learn. There’s this good book which you would love if you are a learner – TRACTION, Get A Grip On Your Business. Better get a grip of your business before your business get a grip on you! This book isn’t limited to the scope of business alone, since business can be related to life! Entrepreneurs know that.

One of the contents of this book is about the creation of core values for the business. Core values are not operating processes, business or personal strategies, cultural norms and competencies. These are the values that govern our personal relationships, our guide to life processes, these clarifies who we are, articulates what we stand for and guide us in our daily life decisions. Our core values are contributors of our identity, the defining lines of our personality. Without these, we are like navigators without compass; we proceed with life without really knowing what we are up to and where we are going.

Many claim that they’ve understood their own values. However, these aren’t really known until these values are expressed clearly in writing and tested them through daily decision-making. Now the question that might be hanging around your mind: how can you create your own core values?

One simple answer: MODELING OTHER PEOPLE.

Can you think of anyone who made a BIG impact in your life? Or engraved something deeply in your heart? Or someone whom you are looking up to? He or she can be one of your parents (or both of them), a mentor, a friend, a boss. What are the characteristics and qualities that they have? List them down, and list as many as you can. Think about those values that are applicable to you, and cross out those that are not. Once you have 3-7 core values, then that’s it!

The moment you have written them down, these are manifestations that you have been demonstrating them in your life. There may be times that you were tested, times when these values were questioned, and you’ve been tempted to deviate from them. That normally happens but that’s fine. As long as you have clearly defined these values and decided again to stick with them, then you are good to go!

If you haven’t identified your core values yet, it’s a good thing to start pinpointing them now! Remember, these are our guiding compass, our sense of direction in going through this journey. For those who are already living their core values, that’s GREAT! Just keep on living them. We may add or remove some of it, but the most important thing is we have a set of these values. We need them to live this life. If we have none, we may merely exist.

Remember, we’re in this together!




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