Freeze 400 calories off in 3 minutes


Step into the cryo-chamber with me at our favorite local “cryo-lab,” Chilotonic. Be sure you watch the video because I am going to explain the benefits of cryo for healing chronic joint and muscle pain.

What’s so cool about cyrotherapy?

Well, it’s not like jumping into a cold bath or ice bath for 30 minutes. That is way too long to be that cold! 🙂

With cryo, cold nitrogen gas fills the chamber all around your body for 3 minutes.

“When I started doing it, I noticed more energy…”

“Better sleep at night…”

“Got rid of the aches and pains from inflammation…”

It’s also been shown to help heal chronic aches and pains, relieve joint and muscle soreness and improve immunity. Improvements with workout performance, more mental clarity and pain gone!

In as little at ONE 3-minute session. WOW!

Make sure to take out any piercings (or cover them), before stepping into the cryo chamber. No time for freezing things off. Real stuff, peeps. It’s COLD!

The cold nitrogen cause your body’s blood to be pushed into your vital organs, which stimulates cell rejuvenation and healing.

Because of this, your body goes into a flight or fight response (basically, a minor case of shock), freezing you in temperatures as low -200 degree Fahrenheit.

Holy – WHATTTT??!!!

As soon as you step out, more blood goes back into your extremities, causing the blood vessels to open up.

A little shock to the system, sure! But you will feel absolutely amazing when you’re done. I love it!

Burn anywhere from 400-600 calories – in 3 minutes!


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