How To Step Off The Yo-Yo Dieting Roller Coaster For Good – Saturday Strategy


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Have you ever started a diet and stayed “on track” for a few days, only to find yourself totally off? How about losing and gaining the same weight over and over?

I was on that not-so-fun rollercoaster for about 10 years before I turned it all around. Today you will learn how to step off of the yo-yo dieting roller-coaster for GOOD so that your health (and your sanity) last long-term!

When my clients come to me stuck in the cycle of binge and emotional eating, there is typically one thing that is at the root of what’s standing in-between them and their power.

If you are struggling with your body and food, or are stuck in the roller coaster of yo-yo dieting, I invite you to take a closer look at the source of it with me now.

Step 1: Examine Your Motivation

Why do you want to be healthy and fit? Is it coming from a place of love and reverence for yourself and your body, or is it coming from a place of fear and dislike for your body and self?

Fear is anything that keeps you from your power. It’s self-attack, guilt, shame, criticism, blame… fear of what others may think, fear of failure, fear of your brilliance and so much more. Fear-fueled choices are at the root of self-sabotage.

Love is the opposite. Love is rooted in the true you, in your highest form of self-expression, in your highest self – it’s you in your power. Love is stepping out of your comfort zone even when you’re scared and trying something new even if you’ve failed before.

Love is nurturing instead of forceful, compassionate instead of critical, curious instead of judgmental.

While the lifestyle and food choices you make each day are absolutely essential for a long and healthy life, motivation to make lifestyle changes that are rooted in fear don’t work and definitely don’t last. Fear-based control and willpower are not sustainable. They are just other ways of saying that you are forcing and pressuring yourself to do something that you don’t want to do and who wants to live like that?

Your struggle with food has NOTHING to do with you being broken, needing to be “fixed,” or not having enough willpower to stick to a diet. You have just been disconnected from your perfection for so long because of fear, that it’s going to take a little reminding and a lot of love to get unstuck.

When you don’t deeply connect to your brilliance and who you are often, it’s hard to behave like the person in your heart who you most long to be.

Love can help you dismantle the fear-bricked wall standing between you and your power and you can get incredible and sustainable results with your health and your life in the process!

Step 2: Focus On Loving Nourishment Instead Of Fear-Fueled Restriction

How would you rather live the rest of your life?

Option One: Fearing that something really bad is going to happen if you don’t do something. This means living in stress, anxiety and trying to control everything.

Option Two: Trusting that you were not put on this earth to struggle and that you can tap into your internal wisdom and power to guide you to exactly where you need to be. This means joy, pleasure, freedom, love and health with ease.  

If you choose option two yet are still implementing restrictions, then you are setting yourself up for the never ending struggle of option one.

Restriction is all about what you can’t have, what you must do. There is a lot of force and fighting against your body when restricting, both of which are rooted in the fear of gaining weight, fear of not losing weight, or fear of not having control around food.

This fear-based restriction also triggers the survival mechanisms in the brain, which puts your brain and body on overdrive in pursuit of food and this is why many people experience the “being ‘good’ with their diet for a short period of time” then “falling off the wagon” soon after.

Sustainability is needed to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting. If you’re nourishing your body, mind and soul from a place of love, then there is no wagon to keep falling on and off of.

How freeing would that be?

Here Are A Few Steps To Start Implementing This Today:

  • Awareness: Take a look at the ways that fear has been directing your life and your food choices. What thoughts, situations, events, foods, etc. stir up fear inside of you?
  • Curiosity: How does this affect your behavior both immediately and in the long-term?
  • Practice: Practice shifting from fear to love moment by moment. To start, make a list of your biggest fears and declare that you are willing to see love instead. Since love is truth, know that anything that pops up that is rooted in fear is false. Find an affirmation that works for you in those moments to dismiss the fear. I borrow one from Gabrielle Bernstein and use it daily, “Love did not create this, therefore it is not real.”
  • Nourish: Instead of focusing on what you can’t have, start focusing on what you can. Add in foods that make you feel good and nourish your body and they will start to crowd out the foods that don’t. Do this slowly at first and check in internally with what really works for you and makes you come alive. This will help you determine what’s sustainable.
  • Ongoing Practice: At the end of each day, write a list of 5 things you love about yourself and/or loved about your day. Train your mind to start naturally seeing the love. Pretty soon this will become automatic!

Love truly can overpower fear. While love is the root of true strength, fear is merely the flaky foundation that only gains power when fed by your focus and attention. If you stop allowing yourself to fall captive to it and train your mind to focus on love, then there will be nothing left to keep that fear in you churning any longer.

You have power, friend and I believe in you – you’ve got this!  


Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown is the founder of, as well as the creator of the Beating Binge Eating™ Blueprint and the Food Freedom Forever™ Mastermind and Movement. She’s also an Organifi Ambassador.

After turning her own yo-yo weight loss and gain, binge and emotional eating and severe health complications around, Brittany now leads other women internationally to create a life fueled by freedom instead of diets, weight and food obsession as a Blogger, Speaker and International Master Coach. People come to her with issues around their health, eating and weight and a total transformation ends up taking place at their core.

Brittany Brown


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