Nikko Paolo Seizes Life to the Fullest with Juicing


Nikko Paolo, 27, felt the benefits of juicing in his entirety. From the boost of energy down to the finest improvements in his skin, sleep, and bowel movements, Nikko feel clean and healthy after more than 13 weeks of juicing. 

Balancing a healthy diet with an active lifestyle, Nikko feels in control to seize the life to the fullest. Let’s know more about his story. 


Before Juicing

When did you begin juicing?

My Juicing began just thirteen weeks ago on March 16, 2014.

How did you hear about it?

I was inspired by a picture on instagram. When I looked for juicing recipes on youtube, I found fitlifetv

When did you start & what’s your regimen?

March 16, 2014.I still eat regular food but no more binge eating. :)I juice once a day every morning and oftentimes I bring a glass of juice at work.

What vegetables/fruits/items etc. did most frequently juice?

I juice mostly cucumber and carrots. sometimes I make smoothies. It depends on my budget. If I have extra money, i’ll buy apples, beets and the likes. I feel cleaner and I am happy all the time.

How much weight have you lost since the beginning of your juicing journey?

Honestly, I lost only 1kg mainly because I have a ‘semi-sedentary’ lifestyle. I know I have to exercise regularly.


What other benefits have you experienced?

I feel like I have smoother skin, I love my bowel movement and I am no longer pre-hypertensive.

Describe your exercise routine during this time.

I started jogging every morning for 30 minutes almost two weeks ago and occasionally I dance hiphop.

What words of encouragement would you give someone juicing for the first time?

Yes! I found a ball of energy inside me that makes me want to seize life to the fullest. Everyday, I am building confidence. Juicing gives me the power to think that I can be healthier and stronger. That I have the capacity to love and respect my body.. my entire being. If I do that, I can love and respect others fully.

Has your life outlook changed?

Drink Juice and at the same time, exercise.

Nikko takes the process “one step at a time”. He does it slowly but surely. And now, he has integrated juicing into his lifestyle, making it a daily habit during breakfast and an essential snack supplement. 

It’s the little efforts that pay off big. And for Nikko, juicing is surely worth his investment, not just in money, but also in time!

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