Wendy’s Transformation Story: Not Feeling Old Anymore



By Wendy Frisby

Four months ago, I realized that I was feeling old, achy and tired. My joints were stiff, enough so that I had trouble getting down on the floor to play with my grandkids and was unsure how easy getting back up would be.

At the same time, I realized that I probably was not eating properly, though my size did not really bother me (I thought this was just another sign of getting older). I was consistently eating on-the-go snacks, fast food, prepackaged meals and I adored sweets. At the same time, a friend of mine, Paula, told me about her new lifestyle with Fitlife.tv. I was intrigued and thought, “well, it can’t hurt to try” and I loved that Paula would be my coach!

That decision alone was the best decision I have made.

At the time, I weighed 176 pounds, wore a size 16/18 with a 39 inch waist, had poor self-esteem and wasn’t sleeping very well. I was introduced to the concept of juicing and eating whole foods. I gave up some things – dairy, soy, gluten and excess sugar – and I found that I did not miss them once I was able to re-train my taste buds.

After 2 weeks, I suddenly realized that my joints didn’t ache and I could move much easier. Then, as additional benefits, I had more energy, my mind was clearer, I was happier and I was losing weight. My mentality also changed to being more positive and I now look more willingly for activities to do with others.

I did have a few challenges along the way. I only have half a thyroid and some of the foods were causing it to not work properly. However, with the help of the Fitlife.tv team, I have learned what my body cannot tolerate and can better focus on the things that fuel my body for health and happiness.

As of today, I have lost 50 pounds, am a size 12 (going into a size 10) with a 30 inch waist, have no joint inflammation, have an improved mindset, sleep better, get complimented and feel wonderful. The two things that are most important to me I cannot leave out are my 80 oz of lemon water a day and my green juice, which I have every morning. My special green juice consists of cucumber, celery, mint, turmeric, lemon, ginger and romaine lettuce. It’s delicious and alkalizing.

This is a lifestyle that I will stick with forever and with the encouragement of everyone who is a part of Fitlife.tv, I know that my life will only get better. I want to share this wonderful new lifestyle with everyone because I firmly believe in the power of food as medicine and how important shifting our perspective is to our overall health.

Imagine no aches, more energy, a clearer mind and having a healthy and terrific body – you don’t have to feel old as you age… I am proof of that!


Wendy Frisby

Wendy Frisby

Certified Transformation Coach at Fitlife.tv
Wendy Frisby is a Hospice Nurse and a Fitlife.tv Certified Transformation Coach. She enjoys spending time helping to provide others the tools to upgrade their health and lifestyle in ways that are realistic and sustainable. Wendy is creative and loves building things for her home in addition to her devotion to her church.Wendy can be reached either at Email or Facebook.
Wendy Frisby

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